Benefits of Membership
Taos Sports Alliance advocates on your behalf for pro-sporting, recreation and adventure tourism policies within the Town of Taos, Taos County and at the state level. This includes policies that support facilities and programming that support youth, adult and economic development-focused sporting activities, and protect our trails and natural resources. You will receive periodic updates about progress toward programming and policy objectives.

Taos Sports Alliance promotes sporting and recreation across the community and region, and will work with you to promote your efforts and outcomes through our communication network.

Taos Sports Alliance highlights community sporting and recreational activities across the community on this website and on social media. Your events and activities can be included and accessed by visitors and locals alike on this site, on our social media outlets, and partner sites like

Membership Responsibilities
We ask all our members to do the following:

  • Allow your name and logo to be posted on the TSA website and linked back to your site
  • Link the TSA name and logo on your website
  • On your materials, where appropriate, include “member of the Taos Sports Alliance”
  • Send your sporting activities calendar and updates to Taos Sports Alliance and allow us to post, circulate and promote them in partnership with Taos Sports Alliance’s sporting events
  • Furnish at least one highlight (more is certainly welcome!), including media or images, per-year, about your activities in the community that will be used by Taos Sports Alliance and be cross-promoted by its partners
  • Attend at least one Taos Sports Alliance general meeting (held monthly) annually to remain updated on the state of sports and recreation in Taos and to contribute to the conversation
  • Talk to us about your needs and how we can help

We welcome members who are:

  • Non-profit (501(c)3 promoting a specific sport, group of sports, community health or recreation activity)
  • For-profit business (in the sporting, recreation, adventure tourism or wellness business or interested in serving groups coming to town for those reasons)
  • Individuals (who want to promote sports, recreation, adventure tourism and improved health and economic outcomes in our community)
  • Groups (unaffiliated groups of people who are organized around a specific sport, recreation activity or health practice)
Would you rather download the Membership Form?
If so, please download the PDF, fill out completely and return to:
Taos Sports Alliance
630 Paseo del Pueblo Sur, Suite 160
Taos, New Mexico 87571

Or, email a complete and signed form to:
Caitlin Legere, Executive Director