Strategic. Sports. Investments.

Taos Sports Alliance (TSA) believes in the power of sports to strengthen community. We support Taos and the northern New Mexico region to build healthy community by making strategic investments in sports. Taos Sports Alliance is currently involved in four major initiatives:

  1. Taos Eco Park, the premier high-altitude soccer venue in the United States
  2. Start-up and launch of the semi-professional baseball franchise, Taos Blizzard
  3. Taos cycling events, including Gran Fondo: Taos • Mora • Angel Fire
  4. Joint-promotion of sporting and recreation events across the community


Supporting the Taos Sports Alliance and its programming at Taos Eco Park supports young people, and it supports Taos community. It enables the TSA to pursue community-minded recreational and sporting plans that build long-term child and community health. We’d love for you to join us in our efforts.

Become a Member. Your membership provides promotion for your sporting venture, and your participation builds cohesion among all sporting events and games in our community. This cohesion allows the sports alliance to increase government support for sports and recreation facilities, programming for youth and adults across all sports.

Donate. Your donation supports efforts to enact policies that fund high-quality sporting and recreational facilities, to increase sports programming for youth and adults, and to bring quality sporting events to Taos.

Volunteer. TSA hosts four major sporting events annually with more in the works.  We need volunteers to help with event planning and logistics. We host the spring and fall collegiate soccer showcases, Gran Fondo 100-mile Bicycling Tour, and the Taos Turkey Trot.

Spread the word. Sports and recreation builds healthy community and health children. If you would like to be a volunteer sports writer for Taos Sports Alliance, and share local sports success stories, please contact us. We want you to share.

Taos Sports Alliance